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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pipe Pulling Machines

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Installing a pipe in the ground, you have to dig trenches for every underground pipe length, and moreover these days the labor costs are going too high.

You can choose another method too; you can use a pipe pulling machine that can slice the ground with the help of the pipe. This method is easy, and it saves your time and money.

On the other hand, there are advantages and disadvantages linked to both the process and you should consider them before you chose the method suits you the most.

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  • Ease: Using a pipe puller machine will make your job easier because the machine will do all the hard works. The machine will press a blade in the ground with the attached pipe behind it. This process lowers the amount of manual labor, and it restricts the damage of the turf to minimal.
  • Speed: Your front lawn if you want to dig, hiring a team of manual puller will complete the job in a whole day with a team of four people working together; whereas, a machine puller with two men will do the same job in an hour or two at max. Therefore, the stress on the lawn gets reduced, as well as you get your job done fast. Also, your lawn will have the advantage of healing much quicker.
  • Damage: The drawback of pipe puller is that it has the strength to cut through everything. So, no underground obstacle can stop it. It can drill through everything that comes its way. So, if there are any gas lines, electric lines, or any telephone lines that are unmarked, pipe pulling machine will damage them. While using a shovel, you can distinguish them because rubber insulation usually wraps them, and so damaging them can be avoided. And you know you can end up paying up huge fine if you damage those lines.

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