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Advantages Of Disposable Email Addressing Over Traditional Email

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Advantages Of Disposable Email Addressing Over Traditional Email

DEA or disposable email addressing refers to a system wherein the throwaway email- the temp-mail service is used to create unique disposable email addresses. These addresses can be easily cancelled if and when there are instances of it being abused without having to update on a number of important and essential websites which use the email as a reference.

Ideally having one email address and providing it to many websites can give rise to the hassle of having to inform them and updating their database when and if this address is changed. But when using temporary email addresses it is the user’s discretion whether and when he wants to update and inform.

It is always ideal to follow the practise of having one temporary mailbox for one set of users. In instances of compromise especially when a person receives spam, the point of compromise can be easily identified and the necessary steps taken to ensure the same is not repeated.

Furthermore the DEA or temp email also serves to present a wall or a layer of protection between the sender and the recipient thereby ensuring that there is virtually no direct contact between the two. Of course there are times when on the instructions of the user, the DEA might forward messages to one or more real email addresses of the user. But even in those cases the sender never gets to learn the real identity of the recipient. Thus the recipient along with his data and personal information remain safe and well protected. This is especially true when someone with an unscrupulous mind and with the desire to make easy money or earn some favour sells or releases email addresses to other dishonest entities or to spam lists.

Temp mail is generally created with a specific purpose in mind and in instances wherein the user finds that it is either not serving the purpose or it is being used for a purpose not intended by the user, he can easily delete the mailbox and create another. But for permanent email address, this process involves a lot of processes which can become burdensome for the user.

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