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How to cost-effectively sell mobile phone online?

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Mobile phones are something that we use on a daily basis. The same reason makes it highly necessary to be exchanged frequently or bought anew. Most of youkeep buying latest mobile phones to ensure that all the state of the art features are present in your phone. Many features keep on getting added to phones and such phones keep entering the market fast. The mobile you have now is costly but you wish to switch to a new one which has all demanded & latest facilities in it. Now the issue is that you cannot throw the old one just like that but sell it cost-effectively. Let us evaluate what is better for the same – selling it online or selling it directly? For the same we will discuss the cons of selling used mobiles directly (without online support).

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Cons of selling used mobile phones directly

You might have tried selling mobile phones directly with the nearest person or at shops. The negative sides of this are:

    1. You don’t get enough profited – The money that your friend, relatives or near people offer will be minimal as you lack much options and are forced to sell your old phone at lesser rates. Another reason is the emotional connect you have with your buyer (a known person) makes you sell phones at minimal rates. If you sell at shops then definitely they won’t give you a good share of money in the deal of selling.
  • You waste much time and effort in this process – You waste much time in direct selling process as you have to visit various shops individually to find the best rate or have to approach many known people for ensuring a good deal.

Pros of selling used mobile phones online

The cons of selling mobiles directly are also the pros of using websites for selling mobile phones.  Hence the pros are:

  1. You get enough profited
  2. You save your time and effort in the selling process.

Let us discuss few websites in this article that helps you in selling your mobile online cost-effectively.

5 websites that help you in selling the mobile phones cost-effectively are:

  1. Cell Trader
  2. Mobiles4 sale
  3. Buy N Sell Mobile
  4. Quikr
  5. OLX

Cell Trader

Selling phones through “Cell Trader” is not only easy but also safe. You can buy phones through Cell Trader website. Usage of this website is very easy. You just have to go through their verification system as the initial step which has only two simple steps involved in it. Tablet selling provisions are also available in this site.

Mobiles4 sale

It is an Indian one. This site too provides options for selling and buying mobile phones. It has a vast collection of phones. Hence more probability exists forfinding the right one (the one you love the most)here.

Buy N Sell Mobile

This site helps you in buying phones and also selling them online (as the name indicates).If you are in short of budget and cannot buy the latest phone anew then buy better ones through this site.


This site is not restricted to only smartphone or cellphone selling but it deals with also a vast variety of products. It helps in selling and also buying various used items. Photos can be uploaded of your phone after listing it in the site. You get ‘n’ number of calls from customers which enables you in choosing the best among them after proper negotiation.


Last but not the least website for selling the used phone is OLX. This is similar to Quikr only – but is the leading website that helps in selling & also buying old items online. The reason for its huge success is the safety options they offer. You can fully trust this site and sell or buy products like instruments, hand mobiles, furniture, gadgets and more without any concerns.

Online transactions and purchase is becoming more secure day by day. The technology has become so much efficient that you do not have to think much on the safety issues. The above websites are purely safe and therefore can be used to sell products and even buy products safely without any flaw. Go through the various deal-options you acquire through the website and understand the amount of profit you get through each deal. Compare the profits and select the one that is the best for you. You can find lots of old phone supplier in India on Dial4trade.

Many payment gateways are there that help your buyerensure 100% safe & successful transactions. Certain websites offer them more than one payment gateway and helps them in selecting the one they are most comfortable with. Hence many buy phones online. Have a great time selling mobile phones online. Why to waste your valuable time on switching shops individually for selecting the best deal & to sell your old phone? Shop-keepers won’t buy old phones from you at reasonable rates. Hence use websites mentioned above for saving time, effort and also huge amount of money in the mobile selling process.

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