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Why create your website with WordPress?

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You can easily create websites with WordPress. It is an online source code that is written in PHP or MySQL. It is an open code that is widely used for blogging and the CMS or the Content Management System. Presently in Toronto many famous blogs, celebrities, music and video sites, and news websites are using this WordPress.

It provides simplicity in maintaining a website. You can create website more attractive than ever. The simple and the beautiful a website is the more traffic it will get. There are various tools designed to manage the traffic. The options that are been given to the site with WordPress development Toronto is:

Change theme: You can change the theme of a WordPress website without changing its content or any other information. You can also alter the functions of your website alsoYou can change the look of your website to give something new to your visitors more frequently.

Add Plugins: This option allows you to add more functionality to the website that is not installed in the WordPress software base. You can also use the Widget feature that allows you to drag and drop placement in the implementation of extended capabilities of various plugins.

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Advantages of WordPress

The WordPress development basics allow you to develop and use blog as soon as you develop it. There are a number of options that allow you to develop the blog as soon as you download it. You can also download WordPress scripts later for going deep for the creation of your website and allows you to customize more.

It is been preferred by many business owners because it is very friendly to the user and also offers multiple users to use it at the same time. It also allows business users to use the domain name of their choice and they can also create unique designs.

The best thing about WordPress is that it is available for free and anyone can build a website or blog on this platform. The open source CMS makes it easier for the users to make changes in the content and keep it updated every now and then.

One can make alterations in the CSS files to get the desired changes on the website. The features that you get are very simple to use. The dashboard comes with friendly features like settings, widget, tools, categories etc. which can be used to make the necessary changes.

Another impressive thing about WordPress is that it is SEO friendly. The self ping is a feature is the highlight here. Every time you make an update on the site, all the search engines are pinged by this feature.

If you are willing to post your blogs in categories, WordPress is the best platform that you should use. Here you can post the blogs in different categories or post your random stuff.

The platform is considered as the best as it is responsive to all the devices. If you build your website on this platform, you are not required to get a new website built that is SEO friendly.

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