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Everything You Need to Know About Servers

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If you’ve been looking for a website hosting company for your website, you’ve probably heard of the term server. You may even know the different types of servers available at your disposal. But as common as the word is, mort businesses and for that matter website owners barely understand what the term means for their business. Most of the information available is intimidating and confusing, leaving most businesses to make less than informed choices when it comes to the server they need.

A server is basically a computer or a program that is the main component of a network. Its primary function is to manage resources, programs, files and services that other computers or devices on that network can access. There are different types of servers, all working in different ways. The following are some of the most common;

  • Dedicated Servers

Dedicated severs can be very expensive to setup and manage. This is the primary reason why they are only accessible to and used by large corporations. Because the server is only used by one organization or business, the data on it is very secure. A dedicated server’s performance is also one of the best. This means that a website on a dedicated server can handle any amount of traffic and still perform at optimum levels.

The cost of setting up and maintaining a dedicated server puts it out of reach for many. But with the option to rent a dedicated server, you can still very easily these benefits.

  • Virtual Private Servers

The next best thing to a dedicated server is a virtual private (UK VPS server). They are basically shared dedicated severs where a lot of websites are allocated space on a physical server, each with its own environment and resources. They provide adequate data security since each website is hosted on its own virtual server and can also be high performing since the other websites on the server don’t interfere with each other’s resources.

They are also considerably cheaper than dedicated servers while providing similar advantages. But perhaps the greatest advantage of choosing a virtual private server is root access that allows you install software your website may need.

  • Cloud Servers

A cloud server is one that is set up, managed and hosted on a cloud platform. This platform is hosted entirely online and when you are using a cloud server, you are not using any physical hardware but virtual servers that you can access remotely through a cloud service provider.

The main difference between a virtual private server and a cloud server is the fact that VPS is actually hosted on physical hardware and cloud servers are entirely online. In VPS hosting, the physical servers are divided amongst the websites and each compartment configured to provide that website with all the necessary resources to keep it running.

When hosting a website, it is likely that you will need one of the above servers. Choose one that best suits your business in terms of needs and cost effectiveness.

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