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File Sharing in Today’s World

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File Sharing in Today’s World

The file sharing phenomena took the internet to a next level; the file transfer works by transmitting data and files from one computer to the other computer over the internet or through a common network. There are many organizations providing the file-sharing services to end user and business users either paid or free. This requires a login from a registered email id. Even the social media sites have the options to share files, and one such brand is FanComp.

What is it?

Based on the online file sharing this is social business media network platform which was created to compensate fans. It is aimed at financially bringing the fans into a deal where the sales and sharing of artiste Intellectual property are involved. These are done for promotions and profit. FanComp Empire is based on a profit sharing model in which all three of the artist, lucky fan and the organization get compensated.

Safeguarding the interest of the artist

The life and work of an artist get hit by a storm when their work gets sold as pirated copies. The problem is being tried to be fixed to an extent where the media and the artist both don’t suffer due to the piracy. They created a unique platform where the profit earned from the sale of intellectual property on their website is used to reward the artists work and the fans as well. The website https://igg.me/at/FanCompEmpire/x/17483640 can be visited to be a part of their initiative and get a better understanding of how they work. To compensate the fans, they reserve a portion to create a money pool; the money accumulated is then paid to chosen fans through a unique serial number printed on the buying receipt.  These are the fans that buy the intellectual property and stand a chance to get compensated. The website has a reward mechanism as well which is something similar to point based system where camp coins are issued to fans, the equivalent current value is also mentioned in their details, and the value can change based on the way the promotion gets funded.

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