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The Importance of Reputation Management

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The Importance of Reputation Management

The importance of reputation management is a force that cannot and should not be reckoned with. If you wish to make it in your business or as your own individual brand, you must delve deep into learning the methods that can build you a great online reputation. Below you can find a few essential reasons as to why the importance of reputation management is imminent in 2018, an age where your online presence may be directly related with your income level:

  • Electronic Word of Mouth: The speed of traditional word of mouth cannot keep up with electronic word of mouth. From your best friend posting a nasty review of a food subscription box that she recently tried to the scandalous news article about a legal suit action against a well-known designer brand… your business may be dealing with instability if you cannot keep a handle over its online health.
  • Listings in unknown places: Reputation Management isn’t only about responding to bad reviews or pushing them down Google’s search engine results page. What if you as your individual company owner aren’t even aware of where you are being reviewed? That is why you need ORM (online reputation management) specialists to identify these key review spaces for you and then mitigate the issue. If nasty forums about your company are blossoming without your acknowledgment, you can’t do anything to help yourself.

  • Continuous responses: If you receive a bad review, don’t let it fester without any response. Respond, respond, respond! Let it be known that you hear the customer loud and clear and are sorry for their bad experience. Try to make it up for them in various ways: discounts, send over a new untampered product, offer them their next visit free of charge. Yes, in the short-run gaining back one bad customer may not be worth it but showing other customers that see the review how important customer service and satisfaction is to you may not deter new potential customers from trying out your business.
  • Better identify your target market: The importance of reputation management also lies in ORM specialists’ ability to detect your key target audience. Is there one type of customer who just will never appreciate your line of service? You can zone in to your true, trustworthy and loyal customer base and focus your precious marketing expenditures and advertising to them and making them happy.

ORM is essential for any company who wishes to sustain themselves and grow in this day and age. Especially if you are an e-retailer, reviews and press releases can make all the difference in how you succeed. With increasing competition, make sure that you portray an honest and happy customer base for potential customers to be exposed to.

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