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Landline vs. VoIP phones: Which One Should You Choose For My Business?

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Landline vs. VoIP phones: Which One Should You Choose For My Business?

There’s a huge change of scenario if you talk of today’s business compared to few decades ago. Nowadays the technology has been a revolution and each and every business depends on technology in a big way from doing business to how the works are done.

The communication is one of the industries which are changing very fast. So, while comparing VoIP phones with landline phones, you should first know what they are, and the difference of in them technology wise.

What is a Landline?

The landline here is referred to the telephones with twisted pair of copper wire which plugs into two or four pin jack and a solid core. From the 19th century when it was invented, landline didn’t change much as of today. They used to send analog signals and today too they do that, and the signals go though some series of exchanges known as switchboards that are physically present and with the help of it two phones gets connected.

The features are less in them and the wiring process is chaotic and maintenance cost is heavy. But still with everything messy, they are dependable as their service is not susceptible to any other interruptions or slowdowns.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a business communication technology. This technology uses making calls through the internet. They don’t need any new wiring for them and can be used with the existing computer wiring or even Wi-Fi. They use the same broadband as used by the computers. The voices aren’t converted via exchanges; instead the phone itself converts the voice into digital form, such as Grandstream VoIP Phones.

About the reliability, if you have fast and secure internet service, there isn’t anything much to worry. SO, before switching to a VoIP, you should check if your internet is capable enough to carry out VoIP service.

If you are staying is Muscat, you can directly ask suggestion from Grandstream Muscat if your internet will support VoIP service and the best phones you can use for your VoIP connection.

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