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How to Make PDF Document Editable

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Editing PDF was considered something impossible till quite recently. But, with the introduction of fascinating tools like PDF to word converter, one can make the PDF document editable by converting it into a word document without changing the formats and specifications.

To make the PDF document editable, all you need is converting the document into word format. This is done in three simple steps:

  • Launch the converting tool. Select the PDF to Word option from the Special Feature/Convert tab. The tool may have different names for this conversion function.
  • Drag and open the PDF file from its storage location
  • Click ‘Start’. In no time, the file will be converted into editable word document.

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What all functions are possible while making the document editable?

Such kind of pdf converters do not just convert. The innovators have introduced a number of customizable functions that can make these converters more relevant and extremely user-friendly. To quote a few:

  • Conversion is not restricted to doc file only; the docx can also be the output file.
  • It is not necessary to pick the whole file only for conversion. You can pick a portion of it also and convert, and insert in the PDF post changes. And you can also merge the two different PDF files and create a word document off it.
  • You can also go for bulk outputting and can select from a variety of other format, such as RTF, Native doc apart from doc and docx.

Thus, making the PDF document easy to work with is one of the core competencies of the word file from pdf generators. These converters have enabled bringing more quality to the work and offer users the freedom to edit, add or delete from the PDF document without fearing the loss of original content.

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