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MLtek the Company That Solves IT Solutions with Better Software

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MLtek is an UK based business that produces a range of software solutions aimed at undertaking the assortment of IT encounters that are frustrations involving infrastructures. Most of this staff have had experience that is extensive working in positions involving problems with IT infrastructure and are closely aware with the many unique encounters this field offers.

Answer to challenge

All their products were developed following this motto “If only I could find a piece of software that did x”. All the solutions were designed to provide an effective, simple as well as a unique answer to a problem that is quite challenging.

Looking for testing

Currently they are looking for other organizations to help them trial their latest product, IP Spider. It would be perfect if you are an organization that is severely dependent on any external TCP/IP connectivity, and might quite possibly be in the telecoms sector.

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IP Spider

IP Spider is a rather large, multi-threaded high-fidelity network routing monitoring solution. It is designed for use by organizations that absolutely need to know not just if their external connections are up, but also if they are down – why are they down. Even in the environments that are the most complex, this program should identify exactly where a loss of connectivity has happened within seconds down to the exact hop, even when you are routing over the public internet.

Beta sites discounted

They will be offering all beta sites that will be heavily discounted on IP Spider once it is generally released in 2018.

Hablas español?

Do you know or speak Spanish? It seems that over the last several years there has been a steady increase in those customers coming from non-English speaking countries. This includes numerous customers from China and quite a few Spanish speaking countries. Due to this trend, they will also be releasing a Spanish language version of ArchiverFS soon to compliment the English and Chinese versions that are already available. In the meantime, you will be able to find Spanish version of the ArchiverFS product page here.

Save money and time with ArchiverFS

Have you ever just sat there and wondered why there is not a modest yet effective way to tackle the many years of old files that have built up on your file server? Why do all the solutions available revolve around trying to control a database to deal with what is fundamentally a file system issue? ArchiverFS is different…

Works at level of file system

ArchiverFS works at the level of file system and it gives you a way that is structured and will migrate all your old and unused files to second tier storage, without storing file, pointers to files or even file metadata in a database,


You will get all the following features that you would expect such as:

  • Stubs that are seamless can be left in the place of old files once they have been migrated.
  • Wealth of choices to control how files are migrated such as file age, type, size, etc.
  • Reporting.
  • Ability to compress files once they have been archived.

There are new features released in the new version of this program v 3.460, some of these new features mainly making the entire archiving engine the fastest ever released.

This also lowers the CPU, RAM and IO demands making this the lowest of any archiving solution on the market. Also, you get massive scalability, agent free operation and compatibility with many technologies like de-duplication and DFS.

If you are interested, you can find the full details for ArchiverFS here.

Subscription licenses now available for ArchiverFS

Over the last several years, they have had multiple requests to introduce a subscription licensing model for ArchiveFS.

Licenses until now

Up until now all their licenses were perpetual and only worked on a “buy once use forever” basis with yearly support renewals. Despite the licensing cost being only a fraction of their nearest competitors and the fact that ArchiverFS has already represented amazing value for the money, this model had the effect of front loading most of the costs. Being able to offer a subscription-based license together with the perpetual licenses enablesthem to provide the way to spread the initial costs more evenly over years 2 plus.

Simple yet cost-effective

So, if you are stressed to find a simple and cost-effective way to come to grasps your expansive file system, why not have a look at ArchiverFS? It doesn’t matter whether your file system is less than 1 TB in size or multiple Petabytes, they are able to help you bring some order to the confusion and……

  • Save money on backups by reducing the amount of data you back up;
  • Cut your restore times in the case of a disaster;
  • Help you ensure compliance with the related legislation in your region regarding the preservation of information e.g. the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom;
  • Enables you to free up meaningfully more space on your expensive first line storage.

Download trial version

You also can download the trial version of ArchiverFS for free and give it a test drive. The trial download is fully featured, and it will enable you to fully explore all it has to offer on your systems in your own time.

History of MLtek

MLtek was created in 2003. While working in the industry of IT for over 10 years, Mark identified several empty spaces in the market for specialized software solutions for IT problems that were common. Often the current version on the market seemed excessively complex and typically immensely overpriced. Because of this, they developed ArchiverFS to full these empty spaces.

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