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What You Need To Know About E-Liquids

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What You Need To Know About E-Liquids

E-liquids are special liquids that are used in E-Cigarettes; the liquid vaporizes by powered batteries in an atomizer. This creates the sensation of smoking. E-liquids are made primarily with two ingredients, one is atomizing base and the flavor. Nicotine is used in the liquid format in the E-liquid solution that is intended to give the real taste of smoking.

E-cigarettes are one of the best inventions to continue smoking habit minus the real tobacco smoking. It is in very meager quantities that the nicotine is used. Over a period of time, with the practice, a person becomes accustomed to smoking with the help of the vaping device. Vaping is a safe mode of smoking, it doesn’t produce smoke like the usual traditional smoking. It is safe means to smoke that doesn’t require any flammable device. It is electronic based and hence simply requires the charging of the device.

Vaping E-liquid bases

Vaping liquids are available in different types of flavor depending on personal preferences. The e-liquid base that is diluent base makes up to 90% of the e-liquid formula. The most common ingredients used for this are glycol and glycerin. These are the food additives used in many formulations.

E-liquid flavors

E-liquids are available in wide varieties of flavors giving the taste of tobacco in fewer quantities, it includes the culmination of Virginia tobacco, American light tobacco, Turkish tobacco, Cuban cigar and clove tobacco. The most flavored e-cig liquid is a menthol flavor with different variants like fresh mint, green tea, spearmint, ice tea, and peppermint.

Nicotine choices

E-liquid for E-cigarettes are available in different grades, some are high concentration nicotine while some are low concentration nicotine. The low nicotine e-liquid consists of 6 to 10 milligrams of nicotine liquid. The amount of liquid offers the same level of satisfaction as ultra-light cigarettes. There are medium strength liquids that are used that usually consists of 10 to 14 mg per milliliter of nicotine. The high strength of e-liquid is very similar to regular tobacco smoking and consists of 24 to 36 mg per milliliter of nicotine.

E-liquid packaging has all the details of the base nicotine in the package. The standard format is stated with a mg/ml that talks about the nicotine strength in the liquid. A large dose of nicotine is highly fatal for the health and hence should be avoided under any circumstance. E-cigarettes are the safe means to smoke without any hazardous effects on the health of the person. You can find more such e-cigarettes at Friske Drag AS.

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