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All you need to know about Electric Scooters

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Electric scooters have many advantages over conventional petrol-based bikes and scooters. The performance of the former is much better than the latter when it comes to speed pick up. Since electric scoters lack clutches, therefore they can easily speed up to 60 km per hour speed from zero. The average lifespan of an electric scooter with proper maintenance is around a span of five years.

Cheap Alternative

As obvious as it may sound, the fuel cost is negligible as electric supply is cheaper than fossil fuels. The enormous advantage to electric scooters comes from the low availability and high prices of petrol. The price of gas has been volatile all these years owing to the source of collection, thereby adding up the overhead costs for a consumer during refill. The price of electric power has remained static throughout these years. Therefore, there are no additional overhead costs and the fuel expenditure can be easily accommodated in monthly electricity charges.

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Low costs of Maintenance

Maintaining an electric scooter Australia  is easier than maintaining a traditional scooter. As an owner, you just need to take care of braking pads, tire and brake fluid. Modern day studies and research have been able to power up 125cc scoter easily with hydrogen fuel cells. As an owner, you just need to take care of braking pads, tires, and brake fluid.

Suited for short distance travel

If you are planning to travel short distances, then, an electric scooter is the best option. However, if you are planning to travel far, then, you have to think of alternate ways to charge the batteries. This is because a single charge can cover only 200 kilometers. Although a few models have removable batteries, most of them need to be taken to the recharge point for recharge.


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