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All you Need to Know About your Instagram Stalkers

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All you Need to Know About your Instagram Stalkers

No doubt Instagram is one of the best apps for us, but there are a lot of risks involved. Of course you know about the posts, comments, LIKES and all those messages you receive. You also know about people who follow you. The good thing is that you can always check who is following you. You find out about them. Whenever you have a new follower, you can click on his or her username and check details. You can find out if he or she is good enough to follow you and continue having him or her on your list or simply block the person, if you find him or her dangerous in any way.

But what about all those stalkers you have absolutely no idea about?

If you do not have a private profile and you keep posting pictures of yourself, your family members, friends, relatives or even kids, you might not only be risking your life, but theirs as well. Some people don’t LIKE your post, they don’t even comment on it. The worst is that they don’t even follow you, but they make sure they keep an eye on the things you are doing. Such people can be quite dangerous. They are stalkers; they are trying to get information about you.

So what can be done about stalkers?

You can download apps that promise to reveal the stalkers, who keep visiting your profile without even letting you know. They may be hiding under invisibility cloaks at the moment, but once you have such apps, there is nothing else you need to be worried about. You can learn about them whenever you want to. Thanks to names like InstaStalkCheck, you now find out who has been stalking your Instagram profile.

If you think there is someone who can cause a threat to your privacy, personal space or identity, you can always block him or her. The best part is that he or she doesn’t even come to know what happened, since they do not have an idea about being exposed in front of your eyes. It is only YOU who knows about who Stalks My Instagramand not him or her. It is like giving them a silent punishment.

You can also expose such people if you may. Simply take a screenshot of their username and show it to them; confront them!

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