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Noob Guide: Mod 3DS or 3DS XL to play free games without flashcard

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Noob Guide: Mod 3DS or 3DS XL to play free games without flashcard

Without using any flashcard, can we modifica Nintendo 3ds or 3ds xl console and how to mod it to play free games? The answers you are looking for can be found here. In fact, the best way to play free DS and 3DS games on our 3DS/3DS XL console is modding it by a cheap NTRboot flashcard.

Mod 3DS and 3DS XL without flashcard

The latest Nintendo 3ds firmware version is V11.6.0-39 and it is used on both 3DS and 3DS XL consoles. Currently, if you want to mod 3ds/3ds xl without using any flashcard on the newest 3ds v11.6 device, you have 2 options. One is the homebrew exploit Ninjhax 2.9, the other is the homebrew exploit Freakyhax.

What are they: They are the 3ds homebrew launcher exploits, develped by 3ds hackers Smealum and Pluuto, they are the primary homebrew entrypoints, work on the latest 3ds v11.6 and also support Nintendo 2ds/2ds xl/new 3ds/new 3ds xl consoles. The two 3ds exploits are in the commercial games Cubic Ninjia and Freakyforms Deluxe, after running the homebrew exploits on your consoles, you can get Homebrew installed.

What can they do on 3DS: Ninjhax 2.9 and Freakyhax are supporting users to install Homebrews to their 3ds system handhelds. Once the HB installed, you can enjoy all of the following features.

  • Region-free play of physical cartridge games
  • Overclocking full usage of new 3DS processor for better game performance
  • Emulation
  • Back-up of save files for games (enables sharing of save files or multiple saves on games with single save slots)
  • Fan-made modifications/patches for games (language patches, re-textures, etc)
  • Play games developed for 3DS via homebrew (there’s a 3DS version of Portal)
  • Use other homebrew software like file browsers (homebrew Pokemon Bank in the making)

Are they working on a non-modded 3DS/3DS XL: Yes, both the Ninjhax 2.9 and Freayhax are the Primay homebrew entrypoints, they can work on the non-modded Nintendo 3ds or 3ds xl console. That means without any 3ds modification, you can just setup the Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyhax to your model, the things you only need are the certain game roms.

How to mod 3DS/3DS XL without R4 card, Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds?

If using the flashcard to modify your 3DS or 3DS XL console, you will be able to play free NDS games by R4 card, play the most 3DS games by Sky3ds plus and play both DS&3DS games by the Stargate 3ds card. If using the Homebrew launcher to modify your 3DS XL/3DS console, you can’t play either DS or 3DS games, what you can do is things listed above. So choose flashcard to those of you want to play free DS/3DS games, choose exploits to those of you just want Homebrews.

Guide: Mod Nintendo 3ds/3ds xl with Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyhax

  1. 1. Go to the get ninjhax github.io/ninjhax2/#qrcode section of this page and enter your console’s firmware version.
    2. Submit the form; you should get your very own ninjhax QR code.
    3. Download the homebrew starter kit smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/starter.zip and extract it at the root of your SD card. After this step, you should have a file named boot.3dsx placed at the root of your SD card.
    4. Make sure your 3DS’s wifi connection is enabled and connected to the internet (this is important!).
    5. Start CUBIC NINJA on your console, choose “Create”, then “QR code”, and finally “Scan QR code”.
    6. Scan the QR Code. This step might take a couple tries; make sure you fill up as much of your 3DS’s screen with the QR code. If scanning the QR code returns to menu with an error, try a few more times.
    7. Follow the on screen instructions. You may choose not to install the exploit to your gamecard’s savedata, though doing so is not recommended.
    8. Once the ninjhax is installed to your gamecard, just go back to the “QR code” menu and it’ll run automatically!
    9. You can now run homebrew apps on your 3DS! Simply drag and drop application folders into the “3ds/” directory that was created on your SD card by ninjhax.


  1. 1. Get the latest version of freakyhax com/plutooo/freakyhax/releases/latest, and extract it to the root of your sdcard.
    2. Get the “otherapp payload” for your 3DS firmware from the homebrew launcher smealum.github.io/3ds/ website.
    3. Put the otherapp bin on your sdcard root and rename it to “otherapp.bin”. (On Windows you may need to disable hiding file extensions)
    4. Get the homebrew starter kit from the homebrew launcher website and put it on your sdcard.
    5. Start the game.

How to mod Nintendo 3ds with flashcard to play DS&3DS games?

Yes, modifica the 3ds/3ds xl with any firmware version includes the V11.6 by the Stargate 3ds, you can play both DS and 3DS games. The flashcard is the Only one for supporting NDS and 3DS games, just one cartridge, but can play 2 type games. Here we will teach you how to mod nintendo 3ds(xl) with the Stargate 3ds to play DS&3DS games.

* Format a microSD card as either FAT32 or exFAT.
* Copy the “system files” (available on stargate-3ds.com) to your microSD
* Copy any 3DS/NDS games to your microSD card
* Plug the cartridge into your console.

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