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How an ORM Agency Could Have Mitigated United’s Broken Guitar Video Scandal

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How an ORM Agency Could Have Mitigated United’s Broken Guitar Video Scandal

Let’s get to the bare-boned truth of why hiring an ORM agency is something that is a long-term partnership. It’s not something that you should no longer consider. We are all in a state where there’s no other option: ORM is here to stay as long as the internet still exists. You’ll hear wild stories about airline companies—an industry that has received a load of bad slack for years—that will quickly rack up hundreds and thousands of bad reviews. Think about the famous United Breaks Guitars video that made hundreds of headlines after a man ranted and raged about his experience at United Airlines after they broke his guitar. The man became such a hit that he received comments and shares from people all around the world. He has even made sequels to his proclamation of hate against United. These videos alone have cost the airline hundreds of millions of dollars.

As you take a moment to remember this crisis situation for United, think about how it could have been if they had hired an ORM agency beforehand. A large, corporate company such as United should know that their industry received bad customer reviews by default. Only Southwest Airlines seems to have a strikingly hot positive review history—perhaps thanks to their focus on love and humor. However, this is how the picture could have been if United had thought in advance to hire a great ORM agency to be proactive if such a disastrous brand tarnishing situation were ever to occur.

Dave would have posted the video on YouTube, singing in sorrow about how United broke his guitar and that they are pitiful at all things customer service-related. An ORM expert would have caught this right away, perhaps deciding to upload an apology video immediately with compensatory action instead of shrugging the issue away. Or they could have also recognized defamatory phrases riddled within the song lyrics and taken legal action for Dave to take down the video. They could have issued lengthy statements acknowledging their mistakes and their forward-thinking procedures to improve customer service. This way, they may not have lost millions and millions of dollars over a sad YouTube video. They could have protected their brand the smart way—with the help of an ORM expert.

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