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POCA Solicitors in Art and Entertainment Industry

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POCA Solicitors in Art and Entertainment Industry

ORM services is a service every company should consider looking into. The legal world is not for everyone. Some have the knack for taking the logical and legal proceedings of every field and bring it forward to the general public in a hassle free manner which will be easier to understand. Art and Entertainment Industry like any other industry have its own POCA solicitors who are expert in the field. They handle the stressful part of the money.

For a better understanding, let’s break it down, shall we? POCA stands for Proceedings of Criminal Acts, a legal term that includes everything which makes it highly essential to narrow down the field of
law in which the criminal act or legal proceedings are conducted. This is where the word, more like the person, solicitors’ comes in.

A solicitor is a person of legal profession that specializing in dealing with money related issues. In a more jargon oriented language, they deal in problems that range from conveyancing to legal matters of property and will. In the Art and Entertainment Industry, all money related issues from contract and agreement to obligations and lawsuits pass through a POCA Solicitor. We know them as an Entertainment Lawyer.

A POCA solicitor, in the Art and Entertainment Industry, to a famous personality, brand or company in this sector is the linchpin. They make everything happen! They may even take up small court proceedings, if necessary. As an overview, Entertainment lawyers are often called upon to make contracts, forge negotiations and bring a desirable agreement to the table.

Many lawyers cover it all but some have special sub divisions or specialities. The POCA specialist solicitors or better known as Entertainment Lawyers often deal with two kinds of legal matters, namely, transactional and litigation.

Transactional POCA Solicitors

This is matter that involves creating agreement between the two parties, making contracts and deals, creating copyrights and looking after clause and obligations which are to be met. How do you think the famous films reach box office and keep track of their legal matters on a nationwide level? How do you think copyrights are formed? They have a POCA solicitor doing it for them.

Litigation POCA Solicitors

Often known as litigators, these are cases that need court visits. When a deadline is not met, an obligation is not fulfilled or any other legal matter differing from agreement, a legal case is formed which required legal visits. This is taken care by these special POCA Solicitors. But it is highly rare to find a person who only deals in litigation matters.

Often, the two overlap, giving the POCA Solicitors in this industry a befitting name of Entertainment Lawyer.

After all, our favourite stars can’t be running to the court after they mistakenly leak a spoiler, can they? Yes! There is contract banning that and there is a Entertainment Lawyer sweating over it every minute!

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