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Search Engine Reputation Management Can Help You with Identity Theft

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Search Engine Reputation Management Can Help You with Identity Theft

Search engine reputation management can be a critical savior of a resource for anyone dealing with an online identity theft crisis. What is identity theft, you may ask? It is the deceptive use of one’s contact information including their name, date of birth, address and signature. Of course, this also extends to the use of credit or debit card information and their associated PIN numbers. It may be that specific blog posts or social media accounts reflect an identity that resembles yours, but is not yours. This is a moment in which you may go into crisis mode—but during this hazy moment please contact a search engine reputation management to help rid you of the nasty search results that do not accurately reflect who you are.

Not only can a search engine reputation management company use expert tactics to completely remove the undesired result, but they can work to suppress it onto the fourth or fifth page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page so that barely even 1% of online readers will find it. Cyber identity theft is considered one of the top troubles of the 21st century. Search engine reputation management may be the ideal method to ensure a positive online reputation for yourself online, but there is also another way in which you can take matters into your own hand when it comes to credit and debit card theft. You can use Blockchain.

Blockchain technology works by allowing you—the consumer—to keep your sensitive backend information instead of giving it over to corporate databases. It’s a revolutionary method that has changed the scope of the tech industry, in which companies such as IBM and Forbes have begun to utilize it. How the protocol works is that the blockchain authenticates your identification information, thus disallowing anyone else from accessing it without your permission. These personal ID keys cannot be shared amongst other people in an organization as they are unique to the individual. The consumer data is also stored in a decentralized area on the platform, meaning the blockchain company itself cannot even gain access to this critical information.

Blockchain technology, along with search engine reputation management, are two tactics that your company should begin to employ to assure the best frontline defence against identity theft.

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