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How to send a TV signal to a projector

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Home projectors are used to extend the image of your computer, DVD player, or TV. If you have a TV and the size of the image is not as big as you would like, you can connect the device to the projector. This sends a signal from the TV to the projector, allowing you to see the image of your TV signal on a larger surface, such as a projection screen or a light-colored wall.

Step 1

Connect the yellow RCA cable to the “out ” port on the back of the TV. Usually TVs are not designed to send out the output image signal, so the connection options are limited. The yellow RCA output port is often the only connection you can use with your TV.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the yellow RCA cable to the “in ” Port of the projector. The port is located on either side or on the back of the projector.

Step 3

Turn on your TV and adjust in the channel or station you want to see with the projector. This can also be a video input, such as a DVD player or a game console.

Step 4

Turn on the projector and press the menu option. Select the video input option and select the “RCA ” input option. Wait for the projector to switch to the right connector, and in a moment you will be able to see the TV image on the projection screen.


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