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If you Thought Bluetooth was Dead, READ THIS!

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If you Thought Bluetooth was Dead, READ THIS!

Did you know you could use the Bluetooth in a much better way than you currently do?

You may be finding people nearby and sending promotional messages to them, but it is not possible for you to do if only through your cellphone. The range is smaller and thus, you reach out only to a number of people. If you want to send promotional messages, videos, pictures or even event invitations on a larger scale, get into the brand new advancement in the world of technology where you can now get a device that sends any message to people within a 70m radius!

Surprised? I am sure you are!

Why do you need such a device?

When you visit www.aconiti.org you understand why this concept is so unique and being grabbed by most of the people in the world of business. You may have tried your luck on social media or internet, but if nothing seemed to have worked for you, this thing surely will. Since this device lets you connect to people nearby, you can surely get in touch with them to increase the demand for your business in the market.

You need such a device because it works on a Bluetooth signal. This means that you don’t have to depend upon the internet to send your messages to people. You just need this device and it would work for you. The good news is that people instantly check the message since they are not quite used to getting such texts or visuals.

Another reason to buy this device is that it is quite compact and light in weight. You are not buying something that you won’t be able to carry from one from to another; it is small and extremely light for you to pick up and take anywhere you want to.

This device has been designed and created in Europe. Since Europe is known for all good quality products, you can’t think twice before buying this device. The company has ensured to give the best features to its customers.

Last, but the most important reason for you to buy and try this device is that the services are extremely affordable. It is not something that you have to spend a million on; once you go through the features of this product, you understand its value and thus, you know that it is worth the money you pay.

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