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Top 5 Advantages Of Blockchain Website Hosting

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Blockchain website hosting is the hosting style that is making use of benefits of blockchain technology. The electronic ledgers, well time-stamped and totally encrypted – all such words give a feeling of unmatched security and this is what the present crop of websites wants to achieve. Thus, hosting a website on a blockchain is an idea that has started enticing businesses of late. Some of the most important benefits of this type of website hosting are:

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  1. Easily transferrable domains: Since the domains will be stored on an easily transferrable platform, the users of blockchain web hosting will enjoy instant transferring of domain from one server housed in a blockchain to another one. Thus, there is no time lapse between the transfers and so, the end users will not be deprived of services at any point of time.
  2. Better control on data: All data is stored in a decentralized manner, thus, not only the control is better, but the security of data is ensured also. The decentralized way of storing data makes the whole system hacking-proof and eliminates its vulnerability quotient completely.
  3. Better networking quality: Since blockchains are available in a peer-to-peer encrypted form, the web hosting is enabled with better scope for networking. Social media services will be more impactful and the word will spread as faster than ever, helping the website gain incredible popularity at minimal cost.
  4. Cheaper hosting: With the use of cryptocurrency for buying the hosting service, the buyers will get to enjoy incredibly low cost hosting. The web hosting price is expected to come down as low as 1$. With HostCoin ICO (Intial Cost Offering) proposed, the website owners will be able to find more relief in cost in coming times.
  5. More secure SSL: Unalterable ledgers giving unmatched security to the website will come with added security layer that would make website an impregnable forte. Thus, the users of such websites will have added peace of mind while doing e-commerce activities.

Blockchain hosting is new ‘in’ and is sure to make businesses on digital platforms more powerful as well as reliable. This hosting done in completely encrypted and fast-moving environment is going to provide perfect premise for businesses to flourish on a digital platform without bothering about the security and hacking issues.

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