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Websites That Are Safest And Cleanest To Download Free Software

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Websites That Are Safest And Cleanest To Download Free Software

Downloading free websites can be dangerous. Most of the website you will find these days are dangerous containing virus, malware, crapware, and many other kinds of malicious programs. The first advice will be that you should always use an internet security suit when you are browsing.

But saying that, you should always stick to a website which you know are free from injecting malicious programs. On the internet, there are many websites which are false, but also some websites which are committed to keeping their website malicious program free. And there are ways to find out who are those websites and by researching you will be able to find the right website for you.


Ninite is a user-friendly website and is trusted by many around the globe. In this website you can select the programs and then through the help of a custom installer, you can download all the programs together on your computer like you can download and install all the programs you selected in bulk and then install them in your computer.

Ninite is famous for it’s clear image and security. You don’t have to worry about malicious programs being injected into your computer while installing software downloaded from Ninite. Whenever you run the installer again, Ninite will upgrade the program automatically and then install to keep you safe from any type of attack.


From OSHI, you can download one program at a time before installing them. But their team always keep an eye on if the software is malicious program free or they take off the program from the list of the programs. They have descriptions added on their website and no wrong download buttons which many software download websites have, and if you click over them, you get into trouble. You can download a lot of programs, such as Paint Tool Sai download.

Many online users also trust OSHI, and they are gaining popularity. OSHI also supports download of PS2 emulator. So, a good website for gamers for downloading. There are many websites where games and their emulators can be downloaded from, but they aren’t at all trustworthy. Games carry most of the malicious programs. Therefore, OSHI is one good choice for gamers.


Softpedia is having the largest collection of software. This website has around 850,000 files. They are all clean files and checked by the administrators. You can be sure that you are downloading only the program you want, and no malicious items will be injected if you are downloading from Softpedia.

The reputation of Softpedia is very good. It also has a very easy-to-use interface. So, browsing in it is very easy, and you can also get all types of drivers other than programs or apps. On the top of everything, you can get programs for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linus, etc.


If you have ever visited the site, the website won’t impress you with its styles and designs, but for downloading safe software, the looks don’t It is a website running for around 15 years and has a high reputation. It has great service, and you will never get malicious items injected into your system through this website.

The list goes on, and there are many more websites which you can trust for downloading software. But always be cautious about websites which tricks you, plays with your trust for money.

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