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Wechat ECommerce Guide

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Wechat ECommerce Guide

In this age of the internet, the trend of online shopping is increasing hugely. So, there is an increase of business prospect for the e-commerce business. A long range of products is sold online each day. Products such as handcraft jewellery, online course, ebooks, mobile devices, luxury products, electronic devices, t-shirts, fashion, etc., are regularly sold. Anyone can start selling online if that person knows how to deliver the product or service to the customer.

What is WeChat?

E-commerce business in China has significantly increased in last few years. WeChat is a chatting app, it Is used to message others, but recently WeChat added a feature through which products can be sold via WeChat in a wide range. Every year 25% mobile users increase worldwide, out of which 1 billion users are from China when the number of mobile users is growing and so the number of online shoppers. Many foreign companies are entering China for its vast market and a vast number of mobile users, but only a few of these companies have any knowledge about how to sell their products through WebChat.

WeChat and e-Commerce

WeChat is one of the best apps to enter the e-commerce marketingtoChina. If you use WeChat, you do not need to have a bank account in China, you don’t need to have to register your business in China, and you also don’t need to have an export license to sell your products in China. All you need is to have a WeChat shop.

With the help of WeChat, you can make payments cross-border, you need to make a payment account in WeChat, and you can ship your product across the borders. You don’t need a trading license.

Therefore, with a minimal investment, you can start your own business and know about few key Opinion Leader of the Chinese market and get performance feedback of your business.

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